"If a drop of water falls in a lake there is no identity, but if it falls on a leaf of lotus it shines like a pearl, So choose the best place where you can shine"- James Baldwin

Managing Trustee’s Message

I feel very privileged to greet you all, for the established growth of the Ramsnehi College of Nursing.I am honoured to present the prospectus to the future leaders and young professionals of the world. The scope is ample for qualified nursing professionals to pursue rewarding carriers and it is our Trust’s mission and vision to groom young minds and new generation to become the pillars of future not only in the national arena but also in the international scenario.
The Ramsnehi College of Nursing was established in the year 2008, with the blessings of Jagatguru Swami jishree 1008 shreeRamdayaljiMaharj. Over the years, the Institute has developed a unique environment and infrastructure that can deliver nursing education and healthcare services of truly global standards.

The Ramsnehi College of Nursing has grown from strength to strength and has captured its prime place among the Nursing Colleges in Rajasthan. The institution has done extremely well in all spheres of activities, while maintaining the quality of education being imparted to the students. The students gained recognition in National level.

Our Trust’s aim is “Saturate your mind with success & success will automatically come to you”. So since its establishment, the institutions have made a name for itself as a quality institution committed to excellence in education, welfare and success of the students.
“One’s attitude determines ones future” so no matter how tough the going is, if you conquer defeat & persist with your efforts you will crown yourself with supreme success. Hence the professional should act as a bridge between the physician, patients & pharmacists to strive for better health care.
Badri Narayan Laddha
Managing Trustee
Ramsnehi College of Nursing, Bhilwara