"If a drop of water falls in a lake there is no identity, but if it falls on a leaf of lotus it shines like a pearl, So choose the best place where you can shine"- James Baldwin

Principal’s Message

Nursing is a blend of science and technology with the art of caring and compassion. A profession that recalls the name of Florence Nightingale is indeed one of the noblest professions in the world.
It is the art of caring for sick people with the science of health care. Someone, very beautifully spoke about this art: 'When you save a person's life, they call you a !Hero', when you combine science with caring they call you an 'Expert, when you share your compassion, they call you a 'Friend', and when you do all three, they call you a NURSE!

The possibilities in nursing are limitless. Nursing is a career filled with endless personal and professional rewards. If you choose nursing, you are choosing to spend your life helping others, using skills that blend scientific knowledge with compassion and caring Nurses work with people throughout the lifespan, from new-born babies to the elderly. Nursing is an exciting and innovative area of health care Becoming a nurse is not only about having a job, it is about having a career that offers a wide range of different roles .The decision to take up nursing as a career should be made by careful and intelligent planning so that candidate shall have personal and professional satisfaction and contribute effectively to the society and the profession.

Vikas Upadhyay
Ramsnehi College of Nursing, Bhilwara